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Is The Sublimation Method Best For Designing Your Custom Hats?

These days, it is common to see many people and brands creating and personalizing clothing as an effective form of marketing. It is for this reason that the custom hat has flourished so much in the last few years. There are several different methods used for custom hat printing. However, in this article, we’re going to discuss what sublimation printing is. And why many hat manufacturers often use it to make custom bucket hats and other popular types of hats. However, if you are unfamiliar with what sublimation is, it is effectively the process of allowing ink to be transferred to your product through the use of sublimation paper. Once the ink is fully transferred to the product, it is absorbed into the woven fabric itself, then reverses back to its original solid state to become a permanent print on any piece of clothing.

The benefit of this printing method is that it results in a durable final print, and also allows you to maintain the bright color vibrance of the image in question. This is also why this method is used in the design of many custom hats, as they allow designers to highlight their designs in the most effective way possible. Moreover, you can rest assured that the design will be accurately placed on your custom baseball hat and remain permanent for a long time to come. However, for the sake of giving more context to this printing method, let us also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using it to design your custom hats today.


1. No Color Limitations

When comparing sublimation to other traditional printing methods, one of the advantages is that it offers no risk of color fading. In other words, this printing method has no limit when it comes to the wide variety of colors available to choose from. For instance, when it comes to inkjet printing, you are limited to the printer’s colors. However, with sublimation printing, you have an unlimited spectrum of colors to browse. Moreover, despite frequent washing, the image will remain unaffected, leaving no risk of the print in question, cracking, or peeling.

2. Environmentally-Friendly

Another added benefit of this custom printing method is that it does not damage the environment in any way. When it comes to sublimation, the manufacturer or designer does not use any water during the printing process. This means that any waste or residue is kept to a bare minimum. Moreover, the dye used in this printing method is both eco-friendly, sustainable, and safe for the workers handling it. This means that factory workers won’t end up exposed to any harmful chemicals that could affect their health. This also means that if you are a company or brand that is constantly outsourcing bulk custom orders of wholesale snapback hats for example, then the public can also see that you care about the environment. This, in turn, is an excellent way to bolster your company’s image.

3. Accuracy

When it comes to accurate design printing without any faults or compromises, then the sublimation methods are the best option for you. As previously stated, there is no color degradation, compromise, or risk of fading with this printing method. This means the overall resolution of the image remains exactly how you intended. And you can rest assured that it won’t fade over time. This is also why many luxury brands opt to use this method when designing custom clothing pieces that require image printing on fabrics. Moreover, besides clothing, this printing method is also applicable to any other type of object. This allows you to conveniently promote your brand or company logo in a professional and well-detailed manner. In short, when to comes to detailing, there is no other method that offers the same level of quality.


1. Fabric

One of the downsides of the sublimation method is that it can only be used on polyester clothing materials. Moreover, when it comes to objects or products, they must have a special coating that allows for sublimation printing to occur. This means you can simply choose any type of object or material and apply a sublimated print on it. However, luckily enough some numerous items and products are compatible with this method.

2. Transparency

Another drawback to this method is that sublimation ink is limited in terms of transparency and because of that, it doesn’t come out looking very good on fabrics with dark hues and colors. For example, if you intend to order trucker hat wholesale for your brand, then make sure that the hat is made of a bright fabric like white. This will allow the colors to come out looking more vibrant.  Meanwhile, if you try using this printing method on grey or black hats, for instance, the less vibrant your logo or messaging will be.


In summary, this printing method is best suited for those who have a bright and vibrant brand image to convey and are looking for a custom hat design that is complex and detail-oriented. Otherwise, you may be best suited to trying embroidery, if you need something of high quality that also stands out on a darker base.


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