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How to Choose your Ukulele

You have probably wondered about what it is like and how hard it is to play the ukulele at some point in your life. However, you did never break the ice with those thoughts until now, and now you are looking for a ukulele for sale.

You can look at any ukulele site and purchase anything that catches your eye, but it may not work for you. Unlike other string instruments, ukuleles are peculiar, and you need to do a bit of research before finding out what the best option is for you.

You’re probably desperate to play your first ukulele notes, but it’s also essential to get started with the right foot and make things easier since the start.

Uku-what? How many types of ukuleles exist?

Please, don’t start googling for the best ukulele brands yet. That shouldn’t be your main concern!

There are four ukulele variations, and they’re all different in size and sound:






A soprano ukulele usually is the tiniest and measures around 53cm. You’ve probably seen them in Hawaiian-themed movies, parties, or if you have gone to Hawaii sometime. They’re standard on that island and the less costly option.

Soprano ukuleles usually have the standard guitar shape, but others have a «pineapple» form that allows manufacturers to give it a funkier look.


A concert ukulele is a bit bigger than the standard, as it measures 58cm. If you’ve aimed to get one of these little guys, you’re on the ball.

Concert ukuleles are usually most recommended for beginners. You’ll produce deeper sounds with it. Most people in any ukulele site possess a concert ukulele.

It’s usual for people to prefer concert ukuleles over the sopranos because they’re bigger. Therefore, it isn’t that complicated to get started with the tabs. However, please don’t start looking for a concert ukulele for sale yet. There’s more to explain!


Tenor ukuleles are significantly bigger than the latest two options, meaning it is even more comfortable to hold and play, especially for techniques like sliding.

If you like bass, then this guy will be your best friend. We wouldn’t recommend it for beginners as it has steel strings instead of nylon ones.

Tenor ukuleles have the standard tuning: Sol, Do, Mi, La. However, unlike the two previous options, the bass note is the 4th in Sol, instead of the third.


We’re in the last option already! Baritone ukuleles are prominently bigger, as they measure about 76cm. If you’re familiar with guitars, you won’t have any problem with this big guy.

The first four strings any acoustic guitar would have: Re, Sol, Si, Mi. It has significantly more bass than all the previous options. Some of the best ukulele brands for baritones include the Lanikai ULU-21B.


What else should I know?

This list should be helpful enough to let you choose the best ukulele for sale. They will probably recommend you the concert at any ukulele site, but we would recommend going for the soprano if you’re just getting started.


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