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Social Media and Millennials: 5 Ways How Social Media is Affecting Youth

The emergence of social media was like a wonder for the people in its early days. It introduced a dream world to the people which was enchanting as well as captivating. And people did get enchanted and captivated!

But this is not the case with the millennials!

Social media is not a wonder for the youth. They are born in an era where social media has already dawned, matured and prevailed. It is like an everyday routine for them, just like: eating, sleeping, and bathing.

And such a large extend penetration of social media in the daily life of youth is alarming parents, researchers, and other concerned sections of the society. Now, yesterday’s wonder seems to have turned into a blunder which is affecting the youth.

Here are five reality checks to show how social media is affecting youth all in bad ways:

Distorted Reality:

The existence of social media in a virtual world enhances the opportunities to present the reality in a distorted form. You can present yourself in ways that might be far from reality. And the desire to gain more likes on your post aggravates the situation.

Youth alter their appearances, tell lies and indulge in misleading activities to get more likes and increase their followers. All this takes them far away from their actual world into a world which has nothing to do with reality. Here are some of the biggest threats that have emerged with this new tech-era.


Gone are the days when parents had to be vary of a hooligan boy studying with their child. Now their children are prone to numerous such hooligans on social media. And the worst part is that you don’t even know where they live, who they are and where to complain in case of bullying?

Cyberbullying increases depression and anxiety in them. And in worst cases, induces suicidal thoughts in them.

Social Isolation:

Youth are busy increasing their virtual circle of friends, while in the real world, they are getting socially isolated. They like to spend more time on social media which results in no time for the people around them. This shoves them in isolation even if they are hyperactive on social media.

You might have seen family gatherings where everybody is sitting together; elders are having a chat, while youngsters are seen gazing at their phone – right? This is what we mean when we say social media is making youth socially isolated.

Privacy Issues:

Young people like to share their every information and detail of daily activities on social media. That is why social media is an exciting place. However, this timely excitement may end in a dangerous situations.

Imagine: maybe a criminal living at the other end of the city is your friend on social media and you are happily sharing your personal information with him. And what if…well, you never know!

Waste of Time:

Social media is like an annoying friend who keeps on nudging to distract you from your work. It’s just been three minutes that you closed your social media account after getting an update of your friends’ latest activities for the past half an hour. And after three minutes you again receive notification of another update.

This goes on all day, and it results in delayed daily tasks and wastage of time.

It is essential for parents to rastrear movil of their children at a time when social media is considered a scapegoat for the issues emerging in the life of youth. This will help you avoid any dreadful consequences in the future.


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